From: Weber, Sandy []
Sent: 19 July 2011 08:56 AM
Subject: Peri

Dear Peter

I would like to thank you so much for doing the thermo imaging on Peri.

As you know, we have been trying to get him sound for a very long time now, with the farrier saying the problems are in his shoulder, the vet saying it could be from the knee down and nobody really knowing which leg to look at, because Peri keeps changing the legs that he is lame on. We even suspected his back at one stage.

Seeing you do the thermo imaging was amazing, that little camera is so interesting to see. Your results pointed to his left front and hind legs, so I got the vet to x-ray his legs and we found a crack in his left front foot on his sidebone. I knew he had bony changes in his feet because of a previous injury he had on his right front leg, which has put strain on the rest of his feet, but never thought he would have a crack on his sidebone. We have given Peri 6 weeks rest, he has had magnetic boot treatment, and long wave treatment, and lots of massages, and I imported him plastic shoes, to help with the conclusion, and he is sound again.

I took Peri to a small training dressage show, and he got a second in the one test and a third in the other test, and best of all he stayed sound through everything. I even asked the judges to check if they saw any unsoundness and nobody saw anything. I felt a little twitch twice during the test, but then I am very sensitive to him.

Thanks once again for helping us find the problem with Peri, once you know where to look it is easier to treat and help our beloved horses. You were fantastic, Peri also says thanks, because he is now not in pain anymore.

I have attached two pictures of my boy, the one where I am sitting by him, was taken at the show, we were waiting for our class.

Equine Thermography in practise

Sandy Weber